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beliefs-blog-graphicThe mind takes in information at a rapid pace. The shapes, sounds, smells, textures and tastes of our environment have little meaning until we filter them through our life experiences. It is those experiences that dictate how we interpret what we are experiencing. And it’s during that interpretation that we begin to develop our belief system.

Some beliefs are good and essential to our continued existence:

  1. Playing in traffic is dangerous;
  2. Boiling hot water will scald you; and,
  3. Brushing your teeth daily will help you make friends

However, we also develop beliefs that can stifle our growth and lead to a life of scarcity as opposed to abundance. I like to call them “limiting beliefs.” The good thing about limiting beliefs is they are not concrete barriers cast in stone. No, they are simply thoughts that may have one meaning today; however, with a shifted perspective they can be replaced with more beneficial beliefs/ truths tomorrow. 

There are three limiting beliefs I’ve encountered most often when dealing with coaching clients. Fortunately each of those has a more beneficial belief that can take its place.


Limiting Belief No. 1 – Luck just seems to follow [insert name here]

Truth No. 1 – “Chance (luck) favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

There is a thought that good fortune is only reserved for certain people.  If you weren’t blessed to be “that person,” then you are resigned to a life of hard work with little reward. Nothing is further from the truth.

There is a direct correlation between preparation and the increased instances of “luck.”  The more you prepare for a task, the more you train and become engulfed in a subject, the more you become aware of opportunities. The more aware you become, the more likely you are to find an opportunity that fits your prepared skill set.   

Limiting Belief No. 2 – Opportunity only knocks once

Truth No. 2 – Focused goals create unlimited opportunities

A common self-imposed death sentence is the belief that life only provides a limited number of opportunities. This thought process places a person in countdown mode.  Once they’ve had an opportunity or two either come their way or not result in a desired outcome, they quit because they think life’s blessings are done.

In reality, Truth No. 2 works in conjunction with Truth No. 1. If you prepare your mind daily to achieve a specific, measurable goal, then you will have opportunities seemingly appear from thin air. The more focused the goal, the more focused the work, the more opportunities will appear.

Limiting Belief No. 3 – I can’t afford to donate/ tithe

Truth No. 3 – A closed hand neither loses money nor does it receive money

In order to receive one has to be in a position to give. The posture and practice of giving opens a person up to receive.

When we create an environment where we are afraid to give and contribute to others, we also close off the avenues for others to reach out and help us. It’s the harsh reality of the closed hand.  

Asset or Liability

We have to make sure we marshall our thoughts. In being mindful of our thoughts, we can ensure we are interpreting our environment in a way that develops a positive belief system. Our belief system can be one of our greatest assets or a stifling liability. It’s up to us to decide.

Please share your thoughts below.

Rev. Robinson – “Love God, Love People”


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