Wellness Blueprint Radio – Guest Natasha Trenev “The Mother of Probiotics”

Dr. Maiysha and Rev. E-Rob had a great time with their special guest Natasha Trenev, the “Mother of Probiotics.”


5150ngjkb9lAbout our guest: Natasha Trenev, Co-founder of Natren, Inc., is a world-renowned expert in the field of probiotics and widely regarded as the founder of America’s probiotic industry.  Often referred to as “The Mother of Probiotics,” Natasha helped establish the industry standards for labeling of probiotic supplements back in 1989.

A 45-year veteran of the probiotics industry, for nearly three decades she has been on a mission to educate consumers about the health benefits of probiotic products.

She is the author of three books: Probiotics: How Live Yogurt and Other ‘Friendly Bacteria’ Can Restore Health and VitalityThe Power of Probiotics: Secrets to Great Health, and Probiotics: Natures Internal Healers.

Rev. Robinson – Love God, Love People

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