Wellness Blueprint Radio – “Sacred Healing Journey: Soul Food for Survivor’s of Abuse” w/ Dr. Ifetayo Ojelade

Dr. Maiysha and Rev. E-Rob spoke with their special guest Dr. Ifetayo Ojelade! This week’s show is titled, “Sacred Healing Journey: Soul Food for Survivor’s of Abuse.”


97365_v9dUFP4JAbout our guest: Dr. Ifetayo Ojelade is a Licensed Psychologist and the author of Sacred Healing Journey: Soul food for Survivors of Abuse. A trauma recovery workbook based on the title was adopted by the Clemency Project 2014, an Obama Administration initiative granting clemency to individuals who are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses.

As an expert on trauma recovery, Dr. Ojelade has an interest in assisting people to heal, in order to take their careers and personal lives to the next level. She also works with healthcare, legal, and safety professionals to manage secondary trauma in the workplace. Dr. Ojelade is the founder and Executive Director of A Healing Paradigm, LLC; a wholistic wellness center providing counseling, psychological testing, wellness, and educational programming for the entire family

Rev. Robinson – Love God, Love People

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