The “Creative Tension: The Jim Crow Years” Podcast is Here!!”

Rev. Robinson has launched the “Creative Tension” podcast to tell the stories of people and periods…forgotten by history. Creative Tension will begin with a fresh look at “The Jim Crow Years.” Given the current state of race relations in this country, Elliott believes it’s important to look far more closely at this defining period in American history. It lasted for 90+ years (1876 until 1967), yet it’s only talked about in terms of the Civil Rights movement (1955-1967). 
What really happened? How did it work? Why was it so suffocating? Was it all “Gone with the Wind” and “Andy Griffith?” Why don’t we want to talk about it? Why isn’t it properly taught? Are we repeating history because we’ve failed to examine the Jim Crow years? 
With the support of the Duke University John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African American History and Culture and their Behind the Veil Oral History Project, Creative Tension will let you hear the voices of Jim Crow survivors. In their own words, they share the breadth, depth and grip of a world ruled by Jim Crow segregation.

You can find the Creative Tension podcast in the iTunes Stores, Google Play Music and Stitcher. Just click one of the links below to find “Creative Tension: The Jim Crow Years.”

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Rev. Robinson – Love God, Love People

One thought on “The “Creative Tension: The Jim Crow Years” Podcast is Here!!”

  1. Hello Rev. Elliott Robinson. Kudos for your most pertinent topics. Indeed one of the contributing factors to the present predicament of our society today is stemming from the fact that the dark under belly of history has not, and still is not discussed let alone examined to find lasting positive changes that will at least aid positive progression of society so that we will not keep returning to all sorts of, for want of a better word, nastiness, that only serve to destroy and damage a healthy civilization.

    I could go on. However, I believe my opinion is expressed, and though the EARTHLY powers that be may as usual chose to ignore the true facts feeding the goings on in our society these days, as an active Christian, I believe that the day of reckoning will come, and all will have to answer to GOD.


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